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2 Ways To Use Glass To Create A Light And Spacious Kitchen In A Small Space

If you're planning a renovation on a small kitchen or a kitchen that has limited natural light, then you may find that the space feels pokey and dim. Creating a feeling of space and maximising the available light should be a priority when planning your renovation, and glass can be a valuable material to achieve these goals. Here are two ways that glass can help you create a kitchen that feels airy and bright.

1. Glass splashbacks

Using glass splashbacks is an excellent way to brighten up a dark kitchen area. Unlike traditional tile splashbacks, which often have a matte finish that absorbs light, glass splashbacks will bounce the available light back into the room.

You can increase the level of brightness that your glass splashbacks provide by making sure that you use a very light coloured paint on the wall behind the splashback. Alternatively, mirrored glass splashbacks will not only reflect the light, they will also create the illusion of space and make your kitchen seem much bigger than it really is.

If one of your kitchen walls is an external wall, then you can also have a small rectangular window installed as a very modern looking splashback. This may cost considerably more to install than a regular glass splashback, but if your kitchen has no other windows, then it will really brighten up the space by introducing some natural light.

2. Glass fronted cabinets

In a large space, you can create an uncluttered look by only installing low cabinets and leaving the top half of the kitchen wall bare. Unfortunately, in a small kitchen space, you will need to maximise your storage space, which means that cabinets will generally need to be installed on the higher parts of the wall.

A good way to minimise the impact that these high cabinets have on the feeling of light and space is to use glass panelled doors instead of solid doors. Again, the glass will allow more light to be reflected, and by being able to see the depth of the cabinet, a sense of more space will be created.

If you don't like the idea of the contents of your cabinets being on display, then frosted glass is another option. You won't achieve the same sense of space, but you'll still maximise the amount of light in the room.

You'll be surprised at what can be achieved in a small, dark space when using the right materials. Glass should be considered an essential element in any small kitchen design. For more information, contact a local glass supplier like South Melbourne Glass