Tips for Cleaning, Restoring and Avoiding Streaks on Glass

Subtle Benefits of Residential Window Tinting

Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind when you hear about window tinting is your car in the garage. However, window tinting is not limited to the automotive industry because contractors can treat residential windows with tints. Although the tinting technique in both segments is the same, the benefits vary. However, few homeowners know other benefits of tinting residential windows besides privacy, glare reduction, energy saving, aesthetics and temperature regulation. This article highlights the subtle benefits of residential window tinting.

Prevents Bird Strikes — If you have trees on your lawn, the chances are high that birds frequent your property. You will find them on your porch, balcony and water fountain, cleaning up and quenching their thirst. However, clear glass windows are dangerous to birds since they create the illusion of space, thanks to their transparent property. Thus, birds fly into the glass only to end up on the ground dead or injured. Unfortunately, it can be a source of frustration and distraction to occupants if it happens regularly. Notably, tinting all your windows helps protect the glass and birds around your property. Tinting makes glass windows more visible and prevents bird strikes.

Preserves Furniture — Maintaining the pristine condition of furniture is essential, whether they are expensive or budget pieces. However, harsh UV light from direct sunlight can do a number of your furniture, making them age before their time. It is mainly the case with leather furniture, which tends to fade and flake when exposed to direct sunlight for a long time. Since window tints block harmful UV light from the sun, they protect furniture from premature aging. In addition, it means that you might not need to replace or reupholster furniture for a long time as long as you clean them regularly.

Protects Glass against Scratches — It is easy to scratch glass windows during cleaning unless you are extra careful. While glass window scratches are reparable, prevention is better because repairs cost time and money. Besides, tinting glass windows makes the cleaning process much easier and safer since it eliminates the chances of scratching the glass. Notably, you can only manage to scratch the glass beneath if you apply too much force. Overall, the way you apply tint to a glass window determines whether it will scratch during routine cleaning. For instance, dirt particles between the glass and tint film will scratch a window during regular cleaning. Therefore, you must ensure that a glass window surface is thoroughly clean before applying a tint film.

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