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Reasons to Opt For a Frameless Shower

You may wonder whether to install a frameless or a fully-framed shower door design in your bathroom. While frameless models are sleeker, they typically cost more. So if you go down that route, you'll want some additional benefits. To help you decide, here are several reasons why you might opt for a frameless rather than a fully-framed design.


A standout attribute of a frameless shower is that it helps to evoke spaciousness in a bathroom and make it appear as large as possible. These showers only feature discrete hardware such as hinges and brackets that connect the glass screens and door. The shower thus appears almost invisible, without bulky framing to divide up the room into zones. On the other hand, a framed door has metal edging around each side of the panels. This extensive framing cuts off the shower from the open floor area more strongly. If your bathroom is compact, a frameless model can help to open it up to feel roomier without you having to relocate any walls.

Easier to Clean

Cleaning the bathroom is something you probably want to do as little as possible while keeping it looking good and hygienic. Does the kind of framing affect the cleaning of a shower? It does, as the joins between the metal hardware elements and the glass tend to collect moisture and encourage mould growth. They're the prime trouble spots when washing the enclosure. Thus, a frameless design will be easier to clean as it has only small hinges and brackets that need special attention. On the other hand, fully framed showers feature a metal border around the panels which provides a larger surface area of grimy spots.

Unique Design

By installing custom frameless screens, you can uniquely configure the shower to flatter your bathroom. For example, you can install an extra-large or small shower or a unique shape such as an especially long shower. You can configure the glass panels with various hardware in different ways. On the other hand, fully framed showers are typically pre-manufactured in specific shapes and sizes. Thus, you have to make do with a standard enclosure rather than customising it. You won't have as much design freedom.

Thus, frameless glass shower doors and screens offer numerous benefits. They'll help make your bathroom feel more open and roomy, which will create a relaxing space. They're easier to clean than fully-framed models. Plus, you'll have greater options in shape and size.

Contact a local shower door supplier to learn more about frameless shower screens.