Tips for Cleaning, Restoring and Avoiding Streaks on Glass

How to Repair Very Small Chips in Your Windscreen

It is very common for both weather conditions and flying debris to result in small cracks becoming evident on your windscreen. These small cracks might look harmless, but they can worsen with time and result in larger cracks that require complete windscreen replacement. This means that you need to act fast at the first sign of windscreen damage. If you have a small crack or chip within your windscreen, it is possible to repair it on your own with the use of a glass polishing kit and a drill. This will allow you to repair the small crack in your windscreen by refinishing it.

Tools and Location

Before you begin repairing your cracked windscreen on your own, you need to make sure that you have the right tools on hand and also have your vehicle parked in the ideal location. This means that you need to move your vehicle to a shady part of your property to prevent against any glare. The tools that you will require include a glass polishing kit, drill, masking tape, spray bottle and a rag. It is always best to begin by cleaning the entire surface of the windscreen on the inside and outside of the vehicle.


You can then use your masking tape to mark the crack on the outside of the windscreen. This means that you want to place small pieces of tape on the inside of the windscreen. This will enable you to clearly tell where the crack exists and what area needs to be refinished.

Use Polishing Kit

The glass polishing kit that you have purchased for this job will come with instructions. Be sure that you mix the polishing solution following the directions and only use the exact amount of water that is recommended. Failure to follow the direction will result in inferior refinishing of the crack. There should be a felt bit that comes with your glass polishing kit. You should use this felt bit to tighten onto your drill. Be sure to fully immerse the felt bit into the polishing solution before you begin using the drill. You can then begin to drill and buff the area that you have specified using the tape. Make sure that you repeatedly dip the felt bit into the polishing solution to be sure that it is always moist. You can also benefit from spraying the windscreen with water when you are drilling to make sure that it does not dry or heat at an increased rate.

While you can fix some windscreen damage on your own, you can also contact a professional windscreen repair company if you have questions or the damage is too extreme for you to repair.