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Window Tips | Fixing a fogged up window

Glass windows are a constant victim to one of nature's acts - condensation. Fogging of windows normally results when the moisture in the air settles on the glass. That gives it a misty appearance and makes the window opaque. For double-pane windows, this is a really bad problem because the condensation may be happening between the panes.

Double-paned windows are designed with a space sandwiched between two glass panels. The space may be filled with air or gas, and this is what contributes to its high insulating properties. The sandwiched layer may also contain a desiccant material to absorb moisture.

Sweeping a cloth over the glass won't help. If you want to solve this menace, then here are the best ways to do so.

Repairing the insulation.

The condensation present in the window panes means that moisture has been getting into the window. One of the main ways of fixing this is by dealing with the space between the glass windows and filling it with dry air. This procedure needs a professional service, so get a reputable company for this.

A small hole is drilled at the top of the window, and liquid cleaning solutions are filled into the space. The solutions are removed by piercing another hole at the base and then sucking them out. Finally, the windows are allowed to dry, and then one-way valves are placed in the holes. These valves allow water vapour inside the panes to escape to the outside but not the other way round.

Replacing the glass unit.

It is also possible to replace the glass unit that looks foggy. The fog is a sign that the seal has been compromised, and since there is no way to repair it, your next best option is to replace the foggy unit.

You may be tempted to remove one side of the glass and then clean the interior before fixing it back. However, that won't solve the problem for long. The damaged seal would encourage the moisture to seep in and fog it again.

Besides, replacing the window brings back the maximum thermal performance. 

Picking an option.

Choosing between the two options may be a tough call, but here are some tips on that. If thermal performance is a priority, then simply replace the unit. This is also the best option if you've got tempered glass. Repairing tempered glass is impossible because drilling a hole without breaking it is not possible. If repairing doesn't go as planned, you won't really devalue the window because they have already failed. A failed replacement however, is a lot more expensive. Besides, repairing is a cheaper option.

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