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How to Install Aluminium Window Frames

Aluminium window frames are the most suitable for some of the extreme weather that can be experienced in Australia. They are durable and only require low maintenance. There are various professionals you can rely on to install these windows. However, the process is quite easy and you can do it yourself with only a little know-how.

Gathering Tools

For the installation of the aluminium window frames, you need to ensure you have some essential tools. These include a hammer, a steel combination square, a box level, a tape measure, carpenter's pencil, a drill bit set, safety glasses, and a pair of ear muffs. You can find all these items at a local store that stocks do-it-yourself supplies.

Taking Measurements

This is the first step. Using the tape measure, confirm the measurements of the hole in the wall and those of the aluminium window frames. While you should always have the measurements of the wall before purchasing the frames, you can always confirm before installation to ensure you have bought the right frames.

Placing the Window in Place

Just as you would need some help in putting the aluminium door frames in place, you can get some people to help you lift the window. Depending on the size, you need people to lift the window and others to hold it on the other side so that it does not fall through the hole. During the lifting, you should ensure that it is level to the wall so that it fits in the space properly. Once it is in the space, use the box level to make sure it is flat. Use the set square to ensure that the aluminium window frame is also in line with the wall.

Attaching the Window Frame

With the set square still in place to maintain the line with the wall, drill holes for the screws that will affix the frame to the wall. You should complete one side so that the window frame is held in place before moving on to the other side. If there are any spaces left between the window frame and the wall after fixing one side, cover them with packers. These help to ensure that when you are drilling the other side, the frame will not bend. You can use the hammer to fix the packers into the place. This should be the last step, and by now your frame will be in place.

For more information, contact a professional window services, such as Platinum Glass and Aluminium.