Tips for Cleaning, Restoring and Avoiding Streaks on Glass

Tips to Follow When Replacing or Repairing Glass Window

Window glass is designed to be resilient and is even equipped with duel glazed panels in some instances to allow for increased durability. However, it is possible for your glass window to require repair or replacement eventually. It is important that you follow specialised tips before you repair or replace a broken window.

Replace Cracked Windows

If your window becomes cracked due to being struck by a ball or any number of causes, it is important that you have the cracked glass replaced in a timely manner. Cracked glass windows can be both safety and security hazards on your property. You will most likely have to order a special panel to be fitted for the specific type of window that you have installed, but you can replace it on your own. It is important that you tape the cracked window before you begin trying to remove the cracked glass. Be sure to apply the tape in a cross patch that will ensure that it is stable. By taping the glass, you can prevent glass shards from falling.

Minimalise Condensation

If you are dealing with window glass condensation problems, this is an issue that can be repaired. It is common for windows to collect condensation during the coldest months, because it is typically the coldest surface within the home. Condensation on your glass window is normal, but it can cause damage to the frame and sill of the window. Better ventilation can sometimes help remove condensation, but when you have condensation forming in between the window panes this is not enough. You will have to apply new glazing to the glass. This is the only way to repair a window that is showing condensation in between the panes.

Repair Scratches

In some instances, your glass window will not be cracked or shattered but just scratched. It is possible to repair a scratched glass window without having to replace it. You can use clear nail polish to apply directly over the scratch on the glass window. Apply just one coat and allow it to dry before using a cloth with nail polish remover to wipe away the excess nail polish on the glass. An alternative to using clear nail polish on your glass is to use a metal polishing compound. This compound can be applied to a cloth and then you can polish out the scratch on the glass window. However, using a metal compound to polish out the scratch will take a lot of time and effort.

For more information, contact glass repair companies.