Tips for Cleaning, Restoring and Avoiding Streaks on Glass

Broken Window | 4 Swift Actions To Undertake When Your Glass Window Shatters

Glass windows are beautiful additions because they let in natural sunlight, while lending ample aesthetic value to your home. While visually striking, glass windows can sometimes be vulnerable to harsh weather, falling trees, and errant cricket balls. No homeowner wants to deal with shattered window glass, but mishaps happen. Glass chunks and shards are dangerous and sharp, so call the emergency glass replacement service immediately and follow these swift actions to safely handle broken window glass.

Wear Protective Clothing And Secure The Broken Glass Area

Make sure you wear protective clothing to avoid injuring or cutting your skin on the broken glass shards. You should ideally wear closed shoes, long sleeves, and heavy gloves to prevent any injuries. Cordon off the broken glass area using furniture and tables to make sure that no one unintentionally steps on shards and chunks. Make everyone aware of the incident before you get started.

Inspect The Mess

After calling the emergency service, determine the extent of the glass shatter to gauge the size of your cleanup area. Be careful around the window because unsecured or unstable broken glass may continue to fall, which could prove to be dangerous. Look for particles and shards behind and on top of tables and furniture, besides the floor.

Clean The Loose Glass Mess

Use a brush to sweep up all the loose glass shards and place it in a strong garbage bag. Make sure you also clean up around the loose shards around the windowpane. Pick up any big chunks with your gloved hands carefully and throw them out. Snap up any large glass shards still attached to the window frame. Once you are satisfied with your sweeping job, vacuum the entire area cautiously to avoid scratching your floor. Don't forget to vacuum those hidden areas under your couch and tables.

Secure The Open Window

If the glass repair company isn't scheduled to arrive for a few hours, try to secure the window as much as possible to protect the interiors of your home from any damage or from potential break-ins. The best way to do this is to cover the entire window frame with a large piece of plywood or heavy tarp. Tape the tarp or plywood securely to the frame using industrial-grade packing tape to temporarily secure your open window.

While cleaning up after broken glass isn't difficult, you must be adequately dressed and prepared to safely tackle the issue. These swift steps will guide you in your effort to clean up after your glass window shatters.