Tips for Cleaning, Restoring and Avoiding Streaks on Glass

3 Situations That May Require Emergency Glass Repair

Sometimes, such as when a window in your home has been smashed, it is easy to know that you need to call an emergency glass repair contractor. However, there are other less obvious times when you will need to consider having emergency glass repair work carried out on the windows or doors of your property. Below are three occasions when you should think about calling an emergency contractor to carry out repairs on the glass around your home.

Deep scratches 

While the glass in the windows and doors of your property is designed to withstand minor scratches which only cause cosmetic damage, deeper scratches can seriously compromise its structural integrity. If you notice any scratches, you should run your hand over the surface of the glass. If you can clearly feel the edges of a scratch, the glass may require immediate repair. Deeply scratched glass will be more susceptible to breaking if someone bumps into it or during strong winds and other bad weather.

Cracks and chips

While it is possible that a window which has been chipped or cracked may remain in one piece, this doesn't necessary mean that the glass is safe. Chips and cracks can compromise the durability and strength of the glass. If not repaired smaller cracks can increase in size over time until the window fails completely. Chips can also fracture and lead to cracking when the glass is subject to pressure, vibration or shock.

Cracked grout or sealant

Glass within a window or door frame is kept in place using grout or sealant. As time passes, this grout or sealant can become brittle and dry. If this occurs, you may begin to notice that the grout or sealant has begun to shrink or crack. When this happens it can lead to a situation in which the glass is not longer being securely held in place within the frame, meaning that the slightest bump could cause the glass to pop free, causing it to shatter and injure someone. A compromised seal around the glass can also make it easy for someone to break into your property by simply removing the pane of glass.

If you have any concerns about the glass in the windows or doors of your home, you should contact a professional emergency glass contractor who will be able to assess the condition of the glass and carry out any necessary repair work.