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Why You Should Repair a Broken Window as Soon as Possible

Windows are an important part of every house. They provide you with a view to the outside world while keeping out the elements and unwanted pests. And without windows, your home would be a dungeon. But when a window is damaged or broken, then you lose some of the benefits that it once offered your home.

When you break or crack a window in your home, fix it as soon as you can. Otherwise, you could face the following issues.

Dust and Dirt Could Enter Your Home

A compromised windowpane will allow dirt and dust to enter your home, especially on windy days. This could result in your furniture and flooring becoming dirty. You might then need to pay to have those items cleaned. At the very least, it would mean more housework for you.  

Energy Bills Will Be Costlier

Windows help to insulate your home too. During the winter, your windows will help to keep warm air inside your home. During summer, your windows will help to keep hot air and solar radiation out of your home. But just one crack can compromise a window's ability to keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter.

As a result, your energy bills will increase as you use your air conditioner or heater more than usual.

Intruders Might Be Tempted

A broken or cracked window could also tempt burglars that are on the lookout for easy-to-access homes. Your compromised window could provide them with a simple way into your home. Leaving a broken window might also suggest to a burglar that you don't take home security seriously.  

Rain Could Infiltrate Your Home

Just as a broken window can allow dirt and dust into your home, it can also allow rain to enter. This could lead to various issues, especially if you don't repair or replace the pane quickly. Moisture could cause mould to grow on and around your window frame. And, of course, rain can soak into your window frame, furniture and flooring.

This isn't just a cosmetic issue because damp flooring could attract the attention of termites. Termites would be more than happy to make a meal out of your wet window frames and wooden flooring.

Although you could make a quick repair of your windowpane with some tape or other hastily made cover, this will affect the appearance of your home. And it won't deter burglars. If you damage a window, try to repair or replace it as soon as you can to avoid the above issues. Contact a glass company to learn more about repairing windows.