Minimising Crack Damage to Windscreens

A cracked windscreen is never something that you welcome as a vehicle owner. Having a rock or other object cause damage to your windscreen is not ideal, but it is at times unavoidable. When you are driving, it is easy for rocks and other flying debris to hit your windscreen and cause small to large visible cracks within the glass. If you are looking to minimise the total amount that you will have to pay in windscreen repairs, there are steps that you can take to reduce the total amount of damage. [Read More]

Five Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning and Polishing Your Glass Splashback

If you have a glazier put a glass splashback into your kitchen, you immediately get another kitchen cleaning challenge. Luckily, it's relatively easy to keep oil splatters off your glass splashback and keep the streaks away. Avoid these five mistakes: 1. Don't just buy one type of cleaning product. You can certainly clean a glass splashback with glass cleaner, but that isn't the only cleaning product you should have on hand. To remove caked on grease, you need a cleaner that can cut grease. [Read More]